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A Weekday Fruit Crisp

Posted in All Sugar All The Time by brandi on February 27, 2009

“But Brandi”, you say “It’s Friday night, the WEEKEND.” It’s true, but for me Friday nights are really Wednesday nights. I’m in the middle of my work week and I’m usually exhausted. But since it’s Friday night for everyone else I know (well, except all my architect friends that were laid off – they’re looking down a long line of Saturdays), I try to make an effort to go out into the world. My friends Mindy and Jimmy invited me over for dinner (mac and cheese, yay!) and of course I’m bringing dessert. Lucky for me I keep emergency crisp topping in the freezer! I had pears leftover from the upside down pear cake (when John was doing the shopping, I panicked on quantities and asked him to get as many pears as he could carry, and ooops – we only needed 3). Following some Mark Bittman advice, I keep a chunk of ginger in my freezer so I didn’t have to do much of anything!

First I chopped the ginger into tiny little bits.


Then I chopped up the pears and tossed them with the ginger, brown sugar and some spices.


I popped it into the oven for 20 minutes and then added my already made pecan crisp topping.


I baked it until the crisp was crispy and I could see the juices bubbling up over the sides.


A scoop of ice cream later and it was on! I would show a picture of a cute little slice, but it was eaten before I remembered to take one…


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