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Raspberry Happiness

Posted in All Sugar All The Time by brandi on June 5, 2009

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve found a better version of bread pudding. Think of it as bread pudding: the sequal. It’s so easy that I feel a bit slow for having not thought of it sooner. I have my new cookbook “Rustic Fruit Desserts” to thank, for showing me the light. 

First you get some lovely berries. I haven’t made anything with raspberries yet this summer, so that’s where I’m going. But I used blackberries a couple of weeks ago and it was super fabulous…


Then you toast up some rich bread. I used challah, but brioche would be tasty.


And then you make a loose pastry cream (aka: vanilla pudding).


And basically just layer it all together.


And bake it for around 20 minutes, just until the berries start to break down a bit and the edges start to set.


And then just dig in.