I made that!


Posted in All Sugar All The Time by brandi on September 24, 2009

Since I rejected my Twix candy bars for the fundraiser last weekend, I now have 3 quarts of dulce de leche in the fridge just TAUNTING me. It needs to find a home fast, and what better place to start than sandwiched into everyone’s favorite South American cookie? I will admit now that I didn’t actually make a traditional Alfajore cookie dough. I also had some shortbread dough leftover (lesson #1, only make a small batch of anything when you haven’t tasted it yet…) so I figured that would do just fine.

First I sheeted out my shortbread dough to be 1/8″ thick and stamped out circles. I baked those until they were nice and crispy.


I piped on the dulce de leche.


And then we tried to eat them all before the filling smooshed out everywhere!



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