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Pie Workshop

Posted in All Sugar All The Time, Certified Pie Ninja by brandi on December 2, 2008

Jimmy mentioned he was looking to learn some tips on making good pie. Naturally I couldn’t resist a day of pie making and wine drinking. We made a 4 pies: 2 apple (1 with a laminated crust and one with a regular crust), 1 banana cream & 1 lemon meringue. Here are some photos of the apple, since the others were more…well, they had good personalities.


Rolling the laminated dough.


Shaping the dough.


Filling the dough with apples.


And there she is, our apple pie. There’s something about the process of making pie that makes me feel like I just gave birth to something precious. Not too precious to eat, but definitely worth staring at lovingly.


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