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Cake makes everything better

Posted in All Sugar All The Time by brandi on February 22, 2009

I was so tired yesterday. I love working in the food industry, alot.  It’s hard work, but so much more satisfying (to me) than sitting at a desk all day. But yesterday I just felt weeks of exhaustion pile up. And Pantea was throwing a dinner party last night (coq au vin!) and I was making dessert. Laying on the couch thinking “Could I just go in my boxer shorts and apron? Would it be weird or just mildy eccentric?”, whipping up a dessert seemed impossible. But John helped, and I had thankfully picked one of the easiest cakes in my recipe bank. Upside down cake is the ultimate comfort dessert, and tonight I made one with pears, ginger & molasses.


First I creamed some butter and brown sugar, the beginnings of a quick caramel sauce. I smashed it into the pan, so that as the cake baked it will melt into the top of the cake.


Then I sliced up some pears and layed them onto the sugar butter mixture.


I made a super easy cake batter with cinnamon, ginger & molasses and poured that on top of the pears.


And then I baked it while I layed on the couch some more…

Upside down cakes are so damn cool. They come out of the oven looking so unsuspecting.


And then you flip them over and all the fruit and gooey yumminess is right there.


Pantea’s Coq au Vin was gorgeous. The salad & veggies that other friends brought were perfect. And the cake made me feel like everything was gonna be ok. Well, once I slept, which after eating a second slice happened very soon.


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