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Posted in The Creamery by brandi on February 24, 2009

No 90210 for a while, sadness. I will try to distract myself with celebrating other things with dinner! My old roommate Maggie is in town, so tonight we eat! Maggie rolls deep with a vegetarian crowd (ok they’re my friends too), so I’m gonna be making some vegetarian tamales (first time! why haven’t I made tamales before?). To keep myself from going bonkers today (since we all know I can be a bit of an over achiever when I throw dinner parties), yesterday I made my creamy bits for tonight’s dinner.

First some salty queso fresco, to toss on the tamales and the salad.


And then some creme fraiche, that I’ll blend with chiles to make a yummy sauce. The great thing about creme fraiche is that it’s so damn easy to make, and if you’re me, there’s a very good chance you already have the ingredients. Just mix 2 tablespoons of buttermilk for every 1 cup of heavy cream and let it sit (covered) in a warm place for 24 hours.


Can’t wait to make dinner out of these guys!


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