I made that!

Sugar…ah…honey honey…

Posted in All Sugar All The Time, The Candy Store by brandi on June 30, 2009

A co-worker was singing that Archies song at work the other day, and it was in my head from the moment I saw the ingredients for honeycomb candy. And thus I needed to make some immediately. It was super fast – I think cleaning up the pot later was the hardest part. I basically just boiled some sugar, water, honey and corn syrup until it caramelized. Then I turned off the heat and stirred in baking soda.


It got pretty awesome looking. It boiled up into a foamy fluff that I poured onto a greased cookie sheet.


I let it cool and then broke it into big chunks. Traditionally it’s dipped in chocolate, but I’ve been eating so much chocolate lately that I decided to hold off on that and just enjoy it as is.



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