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Lester muffins

Posted in Playing With Yeast by brandi on January 30, 2009

Known more conventionally as English muffins.

Today I’m taking Lester out for a spin, to see what kind of flavor he’s packing. John blows through English muffins like no one I’ve seen before, so it seemed like a good project. I KNOW they’ll get eaten. Well, unless they suck.

It seems like a tasty dough, with a cup of Lester, milk, butter & honey. But it’s funny how when I take photos, it looks like every other dough…I promise I don’t just have a closet full of dough that I keep shaping (wouldn’t that be nice though?). I let the dough rise for a couple of hours and then portioned into little discs to rise some more.


And then I get to pull out the cast iron skillet, a favorite in my kitchen that I definitely don’t use enough.


Cook them on low heat for a bit and then flip them and cook the other side.


Let them cool and I’ve got english muffins!


They really LOOK like english muffins!