I made that!

Chips and Dips.

Posted in I Like Salt Too, The Creamery by brandi on January 3, 2009

Today I made crackers.


Tried a recipe that called for yeast, which seemed a little weird to me since I thought crackers were unleavened. I had some trouble getting the dough as thin as I know it needed to be.


In the end they were more like pita chips than crackers. Not that anyone was complaining. At least not to me. All the salt and spices made them super tasty.


And the assortment of toppings didn’t hurt. And by toppings I’m really just talking about hummus. Creamy Israeli/Middle Eastern style hummus  with lots of tahini.

And while we’re on the subject of Mediterranean deliciouness…


I made cheese!


Goat’s milk feta cheese! Which really tasted more like goat cheese than feta cheese. (does anyone know where a girl can get some sheep’s milk around here?) So good!


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