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The day I became a girl scout

Posted in All Sugar All The Time by brandi on January 21, 2009

For some unknown reason my mom wouldn’t let me be a girl scout. She probably knew I was gonna grow up to be a misanthrope with a particular distate for hydrogenated oils. But today, I am a girl scout! One box of thin mints coming up!

First a little cookie dough action.


I rolled my dough into a log. I then let it spend a few hours in the freezer and it slices beautifully. The architect in me fights the urge to use a ruler.


It’s true: they’re not exactly perfect circles. But what can i say? I’m not made of magic and rainbows…


A little dip in the ol’ chocolate bowl and I’ve made thin mint cookies!


Now I think these guys have a little time to kill in the freezer, getting all nice and chilly for me.


from Baking Bites blog: http://bakingbites.com/2005/10/thin-minties/

Note: If you are using a quality chocolate (like what Scharfenberger used to be), I would go with a milk chocolate, or at least their mildest dark chocolate. I found that the mint was fighting with the intense chocolate flavor and not necessarily winning.


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