I made that!

Day 2 as a girl scout.

Posted in All Sugar All The Time, Don't BUY it, MAKE it! by brandi on January 22, 2009

It’s starting to wear on me. Maybe I don’t wanna be a girl scout. I probably would have been a better boy scout anyways.

Today I move on to the samoas, the more complex cookie in the girl scout arsenal.


I rolled out my dough and stamped out little donut shapes. I don’t think the originals have fluted edges, but for some reason that’s the only kind of cookie cutters I own.


I made me some caramel candy. Then I mixed that with some shredded coconut that I had toasted.


Then I tried to smear the caramel + coconut mixture (which was like a quick drying spackle) onto my cookies without crushing them. Probably the more torturous portion of the whole process.


I dipped their cute little bottoms in some melted chocolate and then drizzled some more on top and I’m done!


What I learned today was this: In life there are fun things. Things like kittens named Bean and rope swings and BBQs in Dolores Park. Making girl scout cookies is not on that list for me. Kind of tedious, and while they are certainly more healthy and “natural” than the boxed kind, in the end I spent 2 days making…cookies. And I don’t even really like making cookies.


But these ones are awfully pretty and shiny. In a short bus kinda way.


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